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About Church of the New Creation


The Church of the New Creation is a loving evangelical church that believes Jesus is the Messiah. We are a local fellowship of believers that draws its members from South Florida. We regularly come together for worship as a home church in Weston, FL.

Our lives have been changed forever by Jesus, the administrator of the dispensation of Grace, and the Holy Spirit whom He has given to all believers. We are a happy, blessed, full-of-new-life people living out our newness in glorious fashion. Like Jesus, our hearts are open to all. Yes, you read correctly, everyone is welcome to worship with us. There are no conditions on God's love and there are no conditions on our love for you.

We have been commission by Jesus to disciplize the nations of the world and no one is exempt from this grand opportunity. Our message is simple: God loves you unconditionally, Jesus died for all to restore fellowship with God, and the Holy Spirit, His glorious gift to believers, is here to quicken you from the inside out, make you brand new, and fill you with the power you need to live well and long.

We invite you to become a part of this new creation movement.



About Our Minister

Frederick A. Drummond was born to love God and people, and in 1965 he was born again so that he could do so for God...


Destiny Ministries Church is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation...

Freedom is Everything!

Text: Romans 8:21

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