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It is exciting to find out that you can be saved and restored to fellowship with God and His people, the way they did in the first century, and rest assured that you will not go to hell, but rather to heaven when you die, and in the end live with Christ on a new earth in new heavens.


It is also just as rewarding to know that today God wants to add you to the church body of His choosing, to serve out your earthly priesthood (1 Pet. 2:5; 1 Cor. 12:18-31). It is there that you will be empowered to grow up practically into the image of Christ (Rom. 8:29; Col. 3:10) and thus successfully pursue the call of God on your life (Rom. 12:1-8) to show off Jesus to the world.

This is what church life is all about. This is God's design for this Dispensation of Grace. In the Old Testament God's people formed a physical nation located in the Middle East, centered in Jerusalem. Today they form a world wide, spiritual nation centered in their churches. It took me a long time to sort these issues out, because our mainline denomination never taught them. Thank God those days of ignorance are over. What a joy it is for me to be able to share them fully with you.

This is the grace message in a nutshell: Christ, His cross, and His church. This is what getting saved is all about, and Heb. 6:1-3 lays out the basic truths they introduced and built their Christian faith on. The bottom line is this: God wants to restore your relationship to Him by making you a part of His new creation family and thus giving your life true meaning. Thank God we can know these things on the inside and live God-inspired lives that please Him.


We, along with mainline theologians down through the years, are persuaded that homes and churches are miraculous institutions ordained of God; and that they are outposts of heaven, colonies on earth headed up by the Son of God, showing off in part the glories of the coming eternal age after the resurrection; and that they are an unbeatable partnership that will exist together to the end. Therefore, they are the foundation stone of every civilized society, and the nations that welcome them will be blessed by God and prosper mightily. We believe it is our mandate to help believers build strong homes and churches that will equip them to fulfill their destinies in Christ.


Local Church Vision

God wants to restore your relationship to Him by making you a part of His new creation family and thus giving your life true meaning...

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