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New Creation..."I am loved."

Our Minister

Frederick Drummond Sr., Ph.D., the Senior Minister of Church of the New Creation in Weston, Florida, began ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ soon after his salvation experience in the late sixties at 18. From that time to the mission field in Swaziland, and later across the ocean to study the Scriptures in America, where he graduated from Sacremento Baptist Theological Seminary in 1981 with his PhD, he has been filled with a zeal for God and His Word that has only increased with time. Through it all, his passion for God and His Word has been evident in everything he has done, writing, teaching, and preaching for almost 50 years.

Today he has come a long way in his understanding of the New Covenant, and Jesus Christ's new creation message of love, grace, and the Holy Spirit's power. He is the Senior minister of the Church of the New Creation in Weston, Florida, has four grown children and seven grandchildren, and lives in South Florida with Lorraine, his beloved wife of 47 years.

We also invite you to his personal website as well, to learn more about Frederick Drummond, Sr.'s personal vision and message.

More About Our Minister...

Frederick A. Drummond was born to love God and people, and in 1965 he was born again so that he could do so for God

Freedom is Everything!

Text: Romans 8:21

Keywords: freedom / liberty / spirit

I Have A Reason to Live

The Jesus Mission

Text: John 2:13-22; Ephesians 2:19-22; Revelations 12:22-23

Keywords: body / church / temple



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