...with shouts of "grace, grace!"  
New Creation..."I am loved."

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Dear Reader,

As I spend time in personal study and ministry, over my messages, books and the things that God puts in my heart for my congregation, I have put on paper what the Holy Spirit has been writing on my heart.

Read, enjoy and receive the ministry of what we have on this site for you. I also invite you to my personal website as well, to learn more about my personal vision and message.


Frederick A. Drummond, Sr., Ph.D.
Senior Minister, Church of the New Creation

The Born Again Experience

Text: John 3:5-6

Keywords: new / grace / spirit

I Have A Reason to Live

It is all based on the love dance between "God and Me." (John 17:23; 15:9)...

The Jesus Mission

Text: John 2:13-22; Ephesians 2:19-22; Revelations 12:22-23

Keywords: body / church / temple



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