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Missions Vision


We believe in the universal call on churches and believers to tell the whole world about Jesus. Destiny Ministries continues to support a minister and his church in the Philippines, a commitment we have had for almost four decades, beginning in the 1970's!



It has been our local members' pleasure to support the Philippine church as well as their senior minister's family fiancially every month. What a blessing it is to hear of their progress in faith and missions to their own Philippine community, which includes their sunday school, radio and jungle outreach programs.



Local Church Vision

God wants to restore your relationship to Him by making you a part of His new creation family and thus giving your life true meaning...

SoFla Vision

The Holy Spirit put it on the heart of Frederick Drummond, Sr. to move to Ft. Lauderdale...

Missions Vision

What began as a church planting mission in the orient, has decades later stayed a part of our ministry...

Got Questions about Church?

Text: multiple Scriptures throughout the New Testament

Keywords: ekklesia / church / temple

Freedom is Everything!

Text: Romans 8:21

Keywords: freedom / liberty / spirit


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