...with shouts of "grace, grace!"  
Church...a place to belong

SoFla Vision


It is the heart of our senior minister, Frederick Drummond, Sr. and its members, to build a church in South Florida, in the Greater Ft. Lauderdale community.   We believe all that God has taught us down through the years is continued preparation for His best for this church in this community.  We look forward to how God adds members to us, and us to them, as he sees fit. In the mean time, we continue to keep God's purposes in prayer and thanksgiving, and look for His hand.


Local Church Vision

God wants to restore your relationship to Him by making you a part of His new creation family and thus giving your life true meaning...

SoFla Vision

The Holy Spirit put it on the heart of Frederick Drummond, Sr. to move to Ft. Lauderdale...

Missions Vision

What began as a church planting mission in the orient, has decades later stayed a part of our ministry...


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