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The Manifestation of the Strongman of an Insecure Soul


by Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Our analogy for the manifestation of this stronghold is drawn from 1 Samuel, and how insecurity played out in the life of Saul, chosen by God to be the king of Israel. The heart or motivating force behind this stronghold, or as the Scriptures put it the "strongman", is identified to be Abandonment.

7. Rebellious
  1. Fearful
6. Reactionary
2. Insecure
5. Troubled
  3. Lonely
4. Pained

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The Peace of Knowing

Text: John 14:27

Keywords: peace

There is an inward and outward person (Romans 2:28). My newness within is my safe place. I will not let trouble follow me into my secret place. In my newness I commune with God.


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A Sweet Spirit vs. a Bitter Spirit
by Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Keywords: biterness / cold / indifferent

Bitterness will slow you down until it stops you, all the while reversing the will of God for your life. Bitterness produces a lost soul soul with no purpose in life. Full-blown bitterness is irreversible.

Manifestation of the Stronghold of an Insecure Soul
by Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Keywords: insecurity / fear of abandonment / needy

An insecure soul is developed through constant fear of abandonment. When not resolved in the love of God we live with the desire to be constantly approved of and we manifest extremely needy behavior.

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